Since it’s located near a river and includes an extensive stretch of agricultural land, Trois Rivieres is known for having infestation problems, with notorious pests including field mice, bats, raccoons, and even small parasites.

Of the six main locations we serve, Trois-Rivieres is most problematic for bat infestations. The most common ways of knowing if you have a bat infestation problem is if you have seen bat droppings on walls and windowsills or if you’ve heard fluttering wings. You should also look out for unexplainable scratches along walls and baseboards. If you’ve experienced any of these, then it might be time to dial our number.

We offer a variety of services, including Extermination, Decontamination, Mold Removal, and Hoarder Clean Up. Contact a technician for more information or to get a free estimate.  

  • Trois-Rivieres
  • Trois-Rivieres Saint-Maurice
  • Trois-Rivieres Champlain
  • Trois-Rivieres Sainte-Marthe-Du-Cap
  • Trois-Rivieres Saint-Louis-De-France
  • Yamachiche
  • Trois-Rivieres Cap-De-La-Madeleine
  • Trois-Rivieres Ouest
  • Maskinongé
  • Saint-justin
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  • Trois-Rivieres Pointe-Du-Lac
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