The process of home sealing is central to a pest extermination process, by providing the critical barrier to wild animals attempting to gain entry and preventing the often harmful consequences of a pest infestation. Identifying and blocking all potential cracks and openings can make the crucial difference between a peaceful, hygienic home and a full-on pest infestation, which is something that we take seriously at Elite Decontamination. Allow our trained professionals to apply their pest-control expertise to your individual needs, and keep your environment free from animal invasion.

For those who have already fallen foul of an unexpected infestation, home sealing is all the more essential; the worst thing is to go to the lengths of suffering and treating the effects of an infestation, only to find the animals returning within a week. Our extermination plan includes a full examination of possible entry points, seeking to protect the building well into the future.



Common Ways that Pests Gain Access


You’d be surprised at how creative animals can be, with different species sometimes gaining access in ways beyond belief. There are many methods that animals can use to sneak into buildings, thus causing an infestation:


o   Trees with branches in proximity to the roof;

As rodents such as mice and squirrels are highly skilled climbers, if there are any branches close to or touching the roof of your home, you might be providing these creatures with an easy way in. On a different level, old, rotten trees on your property could be hoarding colonies of ants, which are prone to moving on to buildings nearby (i.e. – your home).


o   Forgoing visual inspections of your home;

To protect your home as thoroughly as possible against a pest infestation, it is advisable to check for holes and cracks at the end of each season. Keep in mind areas that you might not usually consider as potential sites for an infestation; the soffits and the undersides of your eavestroughs, for example, are very appealing to birds looking for a nesting place.


o   The presence of a wall-mounted air conditioner, heat pump, gas fireplace or chimney;

As these appliances require an opening in order to function, these gaps can provide an ideal entry point without adequate wire mesh sealing. Similarly, without the proper sealing precautions, a chimney can be an easy route for rodents and birds that are seeking access.


o   Outlets, taps, and vents;

Home installations such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryer and attic air vents can all provide access to curious rodents, no matter how small the gap; a mouse can pass through an opening of only 5 to 7mm (about the width of a pencil).


If you think that your home is at risk of a pest invasion, there is no need to panic. Elite Decontamination is ready to assist you with pest-control and provide a thorough sealing treatment for all areas of your home.



The Methods of Home Sealing


The very first steps in home sealing involve a total examination of the building to identify any cracks, holes or gaps that could provide access to rodents, raccoons, bats and other small animals. Having established the areas needing focus, our technician will discuss their findings with you and proceed to seal the area.

The methods used to create the physical barriers between vermin and your home depends on the type of animal at risk of entering, and the area or object being sealed. We tend to favour two key options:


o   Galvanized steel and aluminium mesh

Used outdoors, wire mesh can help prevent larger creatures such as skunks and groundhogs out of sheds and outhouses, while a finer variant is used to cover air vents, air-exchange outlets, dryer vents and other openings that are otherwise difficult to seal.


o   Cement and caulking

Used to block holes and cracks in a building’s walls, foundation, and roof, these materials provide a thorough barrier against pests. Our technicians only use high quality, durable materials that can stand up to the harsh Quebec winters, and use a skilled caulking technique to ensure that the finished product doesn’t affect the overall aesthetic. We also take care to install any physical barriers subtly and ensure that all of our home sealing precautions don’t affect airflow or insulation capacity.



The Benefits of Preventative Home


Preventing animals from accessing your home from the very beginning is by far the best way to tackle pests, with several clear advantages:


Environmentally friendly

By addressing the problem at its very origin, we avoid the future need to use pesticides or other potent chemicals.



The cost of sealing your home is far less than that of a full extermination procedure, which can be particularly expensive when it comes to advanced cases of infestation.


The avoidance of a large-scale issue

By stopping the problem before it develops into a full-blown infestation, you save yourself a lot of time and grief. Especially if the building affected is your business, an infestation can cause significant losses in cash and reputation, significantly affecting the future outlook.


Preserve the building’s value

Particularly important for those who are intending to move within the next few years, taking care to fill any cracks and ensure that your home is in good condition is essential for maintaining its current market value.


Protecting and sealing your home or business against pests is undeniably the best way of avoiding a fully developed infestation, by anticipating and tackling problems at their very root. With a breadth of knowledge and a five-year guarantee on offer, contact Elite Decontamination today for their assistance and a reliable way to keeping your home or business pest-free.

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