Saving yourself time and frustration

With the potential to profoundly affect your home life or the success of your business, a pest infestation can have some serious consequences. Making use of a pest-prevention service allows you to minimize the likelihood of this problem occurring, and is always the most efficient way to approach the common issue of pests.

Elite Decontamination recognizes the importance of preventative measures, and is pleased to offer our clients three different options of pest-control:


  1. Removing aspects within your home that might appeal to pests;
  2. Sealing any potential entry points;
  3. Detecting any pests that do manage to access the building, and exterminating them.


Our expertise applies to a wide variety of common species that are known to affect householders, including mice, rats, ants, spiders, cockroaches, bats and other small mammals.

Alongside our contribution, there is also a lot that you can do as a home or business owner to minimize the risk of a pest invasion, avoiding a potentially unpleasant situation.



Tricks for keeping your home pest-free

As it is always easiest to catch these problems at their source, it is worth taking the time to scan the area for any ways that pests could make their way inside, and then make adjustments to block these access points. Other factors such as hygiene and humidity could equally cause an insect infestation, and so should be taken into account. You can minimize the odds of an infestation by considering the following:


Apply caution in high-risk zones

Any areas that involve handling food should be closely monitored, such as kitchens, supermarkets, and establishments serving food. Storing food properly should be a primary consideration, as this will prevent your supplies from becoming a food source for hungry rodents.


Cleanliness & hygiene

Keeping your house or business clean and tidy is a simple and highly effective way to keep animals out: try sticking to a thorough routine, and always clean up loose crumbs after eating a meal or a snack.


Spot damp areas

As humidity is a great way to attract insects such as woodlice, silverfish, and cockroaches, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on any areas of concentrated dampness (also advisable on a level of housekeeping in general). Should you discover excessive levels of humidity, try investigating why damp air isn’t being evacuated. It may be worth getting a dehumidifier, and/or checking that your bathroom fan is functioning properly.

Although there is a lot that you can do to prevent the likelihood of a pest infestation, it remains the case that many still suffer an invasion despite their best efforts. If you find yourself in this situation, however, there is no need to despair; Elite Decontamination is always at hand to assist with removing pests quickly and efficiently, and will then advise on ways to avoid a future re-infestation.



Preventing access

By blocking all potential entry points, we aim to prevent pests gaining entry to your property and then having a damaging influence. Our technicians are trained to detect the subtlest of nooks and crannies that might allow pests access to the building and will seal any holes thoroughly.


While completing their examination, Elite professionals focus upon the following:


o   Parts of the building that are normally intended to allow passage, i.e. doors and windows, and verify that they have been sealed properly;

o   Any holes or gaps in the building’s foundations, exterior walls, and roof;

o   Air vents and outlets used for installations and utility lines.


If we identify a crack or opening that could provide access to pests, we will proceed to seal it thoroughly with wire mesh, cement or another appropriate material. Rest assured that we always complete this task so that the finished area blends in easily with the existing finish, leaving no lasting effect on the feel of the area. Equally, if you have spotted a potential entry point yourself and don’t require an examination, Elite Decontamination is happy to assist you with any miscellaneous home sealing processes.

Another preventative measure that we specialize in involves tackling the seasonal issue of earwigs, ants, spiders, wasps and flies nesting in and around your house. Typically a problem from spring to fall, we are ready and willing to assist should you find yourself bothered by insects in this way. By spraying any affected zones with biodegradable products approved by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Action Against Climate Change, we aim to resolve your problem while preserving the environment’s natural balance. We focus on the house’s surrounding area and installations including any swimming pools or other miscellaneous garden installations. Finishing the job with a visual inspection, we will provide advice on any steps that you can take to prevent the future occurrence of an infestation.



Identifying a pest infestation

Rodents and other pests are often able to enter your home almost unnoticeably before you’ve even thought to consider preventative methods. There is a selection of clues that you can often rely on to identify an infestation:


o   Small unexplained heaps of sawdust;

o   Evidence of urine or faeces;

o   Any marks or holes on walls or other surfaces that suggest that animals have been trying to gain entry;

o   Damaged food containers and packaging;

o   Insect cocoons or the presence of other bugs;

o   Dead animals or tufts of fur.


If you spot any of the above, or if you suspect that you might have an infestation on your hands for another reason, do not hesitate to call help – any delay can lead to a dramatic worsening of the problem, with potentially hefty consequences. We will willingly assist with detecting the identity of the animal invaders and then help devise an action plan, immediately working towards solving the problem.


Whether you need advice on the best preventative measures or require assistance for dealing with an existing infestation, contact Elite Decontamination now for our assistance. Applying a wealth of experience, we take the greatest efforts to restore your house to a clean, pest-free state.

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