Famed for their sneaky ways and their ability to thrive in just about any location, raccoons are a familiar sight for residents of Canadian towns, cities and rural areas. Highly skilled at scavenging for food sources, their incredibly varied diets and willingness to eat whatever they can find allows them to settle wherever they please – which is often in or around human homes and businesses and the reason raccoon removal is a common request.


While these creatures are fairly harmless in the wild, their presence in human areas can be both irritating and risky, with a proven risk of transmitting rabies and a host of diseases contained within their feces and urine. Given this risk, it can also be difficult to know how to approach a raccoon infestation without putting yourself in danger. However, there is little need to feel concerned, as Elite Decontamination are pleased to assist with any problems concerning raccoons. With a background of knowledge and expertise relating to a variety of pest infestations, the careful, safe removal of raccoons is a service that falls within our expertise.


Know the Risks

Considering how common it is to see a raccoon wandering about or to have one tamper with your bins, it can be easy to underestimate how risky they can be to humans.


  • Rabies

Raccoons are well known for their role in spreading rabies, and it is commonplace to consider any raccoon that has bitten a human as rabid. Upon spreading through the human body, this disease can have very severe consequences, and so any animals with the potential to infect humans with the illness should be considered with strong vigilance.


  • Other diseases

The feces and urine of raccoons are associated with a variety of diseases, all of which have unpleasant and potentially damaging symptoms. Raccoon Roundworm, Giardia, Leptospirosis and Salmonella are all diseases connected to raccoons, with possible symptoms ranging from tiredness and lack of coordination, down to the serious consequences of coma or organ failure.


By familiarizing yourself with these risks and taking action against a raccoon infestation, you help to minimize the potential of you or your family contracting any of these diseases. Elite Decontamination will handle the raccoons and their droppings with the appropriate level of caution, ensuring that both you and our technicians remain safe during the removal procedure.


As with every species commonly known to affect householders, raccoons have a particular set of behaviours and tendencies, meaning that they require their own specific approach when it comes to tackling an infestation. We have devised a key strategy when it comes to handling these creatures, removing them from your property and keeping your bins safe from their prying attention. From inspection and identification of the extent of the problem down to the removal and disinfection stage, we complete every stage with caution and thoroughness.


A humane approach

While it’s irritating having raccoons disturbing your home life, it’s important to remember that they form a crucial part of our wildlife ecosystem and should be treated with compassion. We always take care to avoid harming the raccoons during our decontamination and removal process, showing respect for ecosystems and doing our best to preserve the state of the natural world. By luring the creatures with bait, such as apples or other tempting treats), we manage to trap them into cages that operate without hurting them.


Whether you’re suffering from the influence of a lone raccoon or an entire colony, our team is always on hand to provide advice and assist with the extermination and decontamination process. Contact Elite Decontamination today for professional help with your raccoon issue, returning your home or business to peace and safety.