Our Élite Décontamination pest control team is certified and specialized in pigeon removal and extermination along with microbial decontamination. Decontamination is an essential step that must be taken to reduce the spread of pigeon related diseases. Pigeons are always on the move and are prone to hosting and transferring harmful diseases. In an urban setting, they tend to take shelter in places such as roofs, terraces, attics and ventilation shafts. They reproduce in mass and their droppings carry diseases which are transferable to humans. Decontaminate your home with our teams of experts today and get rid of your pigeon infestation!

The absence of a natural predator in an urban setting allows the sick and weaker pigeons to survive, further increasing the number of infected pigeons and their ability to spread diseases. The first step in preventing the spread of diseases is to prevent the pigeons from nesting and resting in specific locations. For proper pigeon control and removal, the specialists at Élite Décontamination are capable of installing pigeon grids on roofs that work towards occupying their resting space. We are then able to decontaminate your home in order to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Pigeons diseases

Pigeon excrement carries a variety of viruses and bacteria that are transferable to humans through inhalation or by direct contact. The most common transfer occurs on a microscopic level, through the inhalation of dropping dust from pigeons. Plants or soil that make contact with their droppings could also host harmful diseases.

Microbial decontamination

Most roofs are invaded by pigeons on a regular basis. Our exterminators are certified in microbial decontamination which will surely remove centimeter thick pigeon droppings. It is an extremely detailed process that adheres to medical guidelines. Our team has the necessary equipment to humidify pigeon droppings and dispose of all of the remaining dust particles that can transmit diseases, ensuring proper pigeon dropping removal

Health Risks By Inhalation

  • Ornithosis, which is also called psittacosis is an infectious and contagious disease which results in intense flu. Although rare and often transmitted by other species of birds, the pigeon remains a probable carrier. Our experts at Élite Décontamination have the ideal equipment for pigeon removal, which allows us to sterilize all surfaces and conduct a complete microbial decontamination.    
  • Cryptococcosis is a disease that attacks the lungs.
  • Newcastle disease is a flu syndrome with the symptoms of fever.
  • Allergic asthma.

By Ingestion

Salmonellosis results in a case of gastroenteritis that spans for several weeks. The direct transfer of the disease to man is highly unlikely, however, in most cases the salmonellosis is the single disease which is transmitted by food ingestion soiled by the excrements. The eradication process consists of the elimination of the contaminated pigeons and the frequent cleaning of nesting hotspots.

Microbial decontamination by our qualified Élite Décontamination professionals is a compulsory step after a pigeon infestation.