Mice are considered to be highly active and discrete creatures that tend to mobilize with ease during the night. If you see them during the day, this means you have a high level of infestation and need mice extermination and decontamination in your home!

Mice and small rodents pose both physical and health hazards to your home. They have the capacity to negatively affect infrastructure and spread infectious diseases in each room of your home. A microbial decontamination offered by our certified Élite Décontamination pest control team will guarantee a home clear of mouse feces and diseases! Call now for a free quote!

Mice have the ability to cause damages by colonizing spaces. They reproduce, multiply and grow at an astonishing rate. They can communicate by leaving trails of urine that lead to sources of food. We strongly urge our customers to report their cases immediately as the sooner our mice removal experts arrive the less damage is caused.

In most cases, your attic will be infested and contaminated. From experience, we know that you may find holes in the foundations, corroded pipes, and shredded electric cables. Also, with time their excrements will grow into nests full of contaminated microbes that will nurture and attract other mice, fleas, and bedbugs. Mice removal and decontamination are key steps to making your house a home once more!

Decontamination after an infestation is compulsory since the presence of mice can pose a serious health risk to your home. Mice excrements contain harmful bacteria and viruses which can potentially be transferred all over your home by air. The most effective way of sterilizing your home is through the microbial decontamination method that we specialize in at Élite Décontamination.

Our complete process consists of four stages

1- A complete and thorough inspection to determinate the degree and location of mice infestation, and the main entry point into the house

2- The extermination of all mice by placing traps and poisons in strategic locations across your house.

3- Sealing all openings and butcher holes where mice can thread easily.

4- Microbial decontamination is conducted to guarantee the termination of all traces and remains in the hot spots 


Before microbial decontamination, the mouse exterminators will identify and withdraw all objects contaminated by mouse urine with adapted equipment that will cater to every situation.

They will also identify and block out all the places that seem ideal for mice nesting.

Protect your family and contact Élite Décontamination today to receive professional consultation on your infestation now!

Here are some diseases that mice can transmit

Hantavirus is a virus that is found in urine, excrements, and mice saliva. To this day, a vaccine that cures the infection has yet to be found. Inter-human transmission is rare but these zoonotic viruses cause a hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. The most frequent after-effect is a hormonal deficancy or thyroid infection. The symptoms are most likely to be influenza with vomiting and breathing difficulties.

The leptospirosis bacteria are transmitted to humans upon contact with excrements or mice urine. In some cases, mice can get into the house piping system and contaminate the house’s water supply with infectious bacteria. The symptoms include fever, muscular pain, headaches, gastrointestinal bleeding, and kidney infections.

For mouse control and proper decontamination of your home, call us now!