Our Élite Décontamination pest control team is certified and specialized in bat removal and extermination along with microbial decontamination. Our exterminators will start by closing off any entry points in the attic, using protection nets along with adhesive tape. In some cases, as an insurance policy, we may install lights, as bats will tend to avoid light at any cost.

Our decontamination process includes several steps:

      Remove all remains off all surfaces (we use a special vacuum which is capable of collecting the dangerous waste in a safe manner)

      All soft surfaces (including walls and ceilings) are then rubbed with an enzyme based detergent.

The specialized pest control exterminators treat your bat infestation with utmost respect and use Hazmat suits along with a full protective mask.

Our experts are certified for proper bat removal and to evaluate and clean your homes’ insulation with enzyme detergent to achieve full decontamination of your attic. However, if the insulation is infused with remains and urine, it will have to be replaced. Our team also uses a fog pulverization machine, which releases a fog based enzyme which will break up any remaining organic matter and eliminate all the pheromones left from the bats which can attract parasites to the attic.

Bats are small creatures that move using sound waves. They emit cries in high frequencies, called ultrasounds, a sonar-like technique that allows them to locate and maneuver past surrounding objects. The bat is an animal of great utility which feeds on insects, consuming between 600 to 1200 mosquitos per hour. In most cases, bats will penetrate a house in search of food. They tend to rest in quiet and cool place such as the attic. If you suspect bats in your attic, call us today for a free bat extermination quote.

Although bat attacks are extremely rare, we urge our customers to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. The rage, which is a viral disease can be transmitted through body saliva, biting or even a scratch.

Histoplasmosis is another disease that can be transmitted to humans, through bat excrements. Most of the time, this infection does not present any dominating symptoms, as it varies from one person to another.

How to detect the presence of bats?

To check if bats are nesting in your house, make sure to sweep the attic for a couple of days during sunrise; when bats will tend to leave their nests. Keep an eye out for their feces and potential entry points.

Contact our specialized bat exterminators to assess and locate the entry points of your house!