Elite Decontamination is pleased to offer the province of Quebec a clean-up service of the highest standard, freeing homes from pests, rodents, and insects and providing full disinfection and sterilization. With services available in the areas of Montreal, Gatineau, Laval, Repentigny, St-Jérôme, and Trois-Rivières, we assist these localities attentively with all extermination needs.



The common culprits

Our pest control professionals have the knowledge and experience that allows them to exterminate and decontaminate infestations from a variety of different animals. Pests frequently found include mice, rats, bats, birds, raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, and skunks. As each species requires a slightly different approach, Elite Decontamination always takes care to use the appropriate method for the situation at hand.



Insect infestations: Not to be underestimated

Insects might be small in size but can also have a huge impact that is way beyond what you might expect – and come with a host of associated risks for human health. Some of the members of the insect world commonly known to trouble Quebec householders include bedbugs, fleas, carpenter ants, and cockroaches, all of which should be treated with vigilance.


The Stages of Extermination and Decontamination


  1. Inspection

Upon receiving an inquiry, we first analyse the problem by way of a thorough inspection of the affected building(s). Examining the area from both inside and outside perspectives, we identify all points of access and establish an estimate of the work and budget necessary. This stage essentially allows us to gauge the extent of their impact upon the building, and decide upon the level of treatment required.



  1. Extermination

Having completed their examination, our technician will proceed to eliminate the presence of the animals from the premises – a process that varies in length according to the type of creature present. Clients can expect the removal of mice, rats, bats or birds to be completed over a designated period with traps and nets, while our standard method for dealing with raccoons involves mechanical traps.



  1. Sealing & Preventing a Reoccurrence

Once you’ve experienced and treated an existing infestation, the last thing that you want is for the animals to return, despite your previous efforts. In order to prevent a reoccurrence, we close up all weak spots that could allow a re-infestation. This stage is critical because animals assist each other by demarcating areas, as is the case with rats and mice; leaving a trail of their urine as they enter buildings, the potent smell of their pheromones attracts other rodents who are seeking an entry point. Bats are also known to use this technique to help their peers with finding a building for shelter.


  1. Decontamination

The mess that remains after an infestation can vary greatly, and with it the length of time needed for microbial decontamination. The pathogen-ridden mess must be handled carefully, as the particles can mingle easily with the air surrounding, only to be inhaled by humans inhabiting that area. We, therefore, apply a lot of caution while disinfecting your property, employing the use of Hepa-filtered vacuums and adopting the protective precautions necessary for handling toxic bio-waste.



The Stages of a Post-Infestation Decontamination

o   To guard against releasing harmful pathogens into the air, the technician first soaks the excrement and general area with detergent. As it is always better to assume a greater level of contamination than is immediately apparent, we take care to consider all affected areas as potential sites of hazardous substances.

o   Our professional will then proceed to remove any dead bodies of the pests, along with any remaining secretions and affected materials (which could include insulation). The waste is transferred into sealed bags and immediately taken for disposal.

o   After the affected area(s) have been rid of all loose debris, we launch into a thorough cleaning and sterilizing process.  Our techniques at this stage include a combination of heat-treatment and environmentally approved biocides, enzyme-based disinfectant and deodorants, as well as detergent fogging. Armed with these strategies, we target any remaining fleas, mites, microbes or pheromones, ensuring total cleanliness and minimizing the likelihood of a replacement set of pests turning up at your house.

o   If we have had to disrupt any insulation in order to complete the process, we will carefully replace it and ensure that the space is left in its original condition.

o   The final step involves a close inspection of your home for any future nesting sites and/or means of access for pests. Should we discover any potential entry points, we follow through with every appropriate measure to prevent a re-infestation.


Keep your home safe & pest-free

We are pleased to offer extermination and decontamination services that operate in line with federal government regulations, thanks to our affiliation with the Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasitaire. All of the chemicals used by our professionals have been approved by Health Canada.

While an animal infestation can spell potentially disastrous consequences for your house and home, you needn’t feel overwhelmed. Enlist the help of Elite Decontamination today and feel ready to tackle the issue quickly and efficiently, restoring your home to a peaceful, pest-free state.


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