Why You Need to Call Decontaminators When Dealing With Pigeons

Published July 27, 2017
Pigeons may look harmless but they pose a huge threat to our ecosystem by spreading diseases and reproducing rapidly. Over the last 10 years, the pigeon population has grown exponentially in Montreal, meaning thousands of properties are infested with these tiny creatures. Here are a few tips on how to take on pigeon removal with the help of Élite Décontamination.  General Behaviour &

How Decontaminators Can Help Hoarders

Published July 24, 2017
Hoarding is a serious mental condition that can have a negative impact on your physical, emotional, and financial health. If you see a loved one suffering, the situation can be exacerbated, as you might not fully comprehend the reasons behind their hoarding behaviour. Here are a few tips to understanding hoarding and how Élite Décontamination can help. Understanding The Basics If you

5 Reasons Why Your Home is Attractive to Pests During the Summer

Published June 15, 2017
  Pests will attempt to enter your home for a variety of reasons, which typically include food, warmth, and shelter. They tend to thrive in indoor environments and act as a parasite, feeding off of your homemade food while going completely unnoticed. It can be psychologically stressful and upsetting to discover you have a pest problem, and in many instances, you may be inviting them into y

4 Ways To Check For Mold

Published June 15, 2017
Mold refers to a variety of fungi that grows in warm, humid conditions around your house. The fungus is able to reproduce by releasing microscopic spores in the air, enabling it to spread. Thousands of species of fungi exist around the world, so if you live in Australia, the strain of mold will be completely different compared to a strain here in Canada. Mold exposure can be harmful to your hea

Why start treating for bugs at the beginning of summer – no later

Published May 10, 2017
Ah, beautiful summer. The warm weather, the BBQ lawn parties, the swimming pool… and the myriads of bugs! Unfortunately, wasps, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and all sorts of other creepy crawlies and stinging annoyances love frolicking under the warm rays of the sun just as much as we do, making our life harder in the process. It is often said that “prevention is better than cure,” and t

How to properly decontaminate after renovation or water damage in your home

Published May 10, 2017
When someone says “decontamination,” what often comes to mind is rat infestations, swarms of fleas and roaches, and perhaps the ghastly scent left behind by a startled skunk. However, even a simple renovation can release clouds of harmful toxins, mold spores and microscopic dust into the air. Water damage, such as a burst pipe or a flooded basement, also creates a fertile breeding ground for m

Spring Extermination: The Common Visitors and Solutions

Published April 20, 2017
There’s no denying that spring is a wonderful time, which represents the world waking up after hibernating throughout the winter season. However, springtime can also spell the arrival of many creatures in and around our homes, as they too wake up and begin to multiply.   When greeted by a sudden hoard of insects or rodents, it can be difficult to know where to start with exterminating

Tips for Decontamination after Getting Rid of Bats

Published April 19, 2017
A bat infestation can be very unpleasant, with extensive structural damage and a potent health risk among the consequences. However, these effects can be minimized with a thorough decontamination process, which can be done either with the assistance of a pest control professional or under your own steam. Given the importance of removing all traces of the bats in order to eliminate contamination an

5 Sure Signs Your New Home Has a Pest Problem

Published February 28, 2017
Pests and humans have been living and evolving together since the beginning of time. But that doesn’t mean that it’s been a harmonious existence!  As you’re reading this article, hundreds of insects, mites, and creepy crawlies might very well be roaming around your new home. These pest infestations are never fun to deal with and can definitely be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. So, how

Tips for Disinfecting Your Home after Getting Rid of Mice

Published February 27, 2017
After experiencing a mouse infestation, one of the most important things is to ensure that there is no lasting impact upon your home’s cleanliness and hygiene. Given that residual contamination can have serious implications for human health, it’s critical to ascertain that this step is completed with the highest degree of thoroughness. Mice have many adverse effects upon an environment’s