What are a professional exterminator’s duties?

Published April 27, 2018
The duties and expertise of a professional exterminator are often overlooked by the general public. These pest management professionals, as skilled with natural sciences as customer communication, help prevent or solve pest problems such as insects and rodents. But what are the duties of a professional exterminator and how do they work? Here are some answers from our experts. Investigation and

Extermination: Why is the rodent population on the rise in the Gatineau area?

Published April 23, 2018
The Gatineau region has been experiencing an increase in the rodent population in recent years. A similar phenomenon has been taking place in many cities across Quebec. This may seem harmless at first glance, but how do you deal with a rise of rodents swarming in the streets and houses of Quebec? What are the causes of this increase in the Gatineau region? Our experts offer some answers. A gro

How is caulking a solution to rodent invasions?

Published March 29, 2018
Whether you live in the city or the country, you can encounter a rodent looking for food and shelter at any time. While some people enjoy the company of a domesticated mouse or rat, these animals can be a problem in your daily life if they decide to settle in your home. Small and excellent climbers, it is difficult to limit their emergence; and despite the commonly-held belief, owning a cat is rar

W hy is decontamination recommended after an infestation?

Published March 29, 2018
You finally managed to drive out all the mice and rats that infested your home. You may think your problems are behind you, but in reality, your work is not over yet. Essentially, every building that has been invaded by rodents should be decontaminated once the pests are removed. Find out why decontamination is recommended after an infestation. Decontamination is required to remove all traces

The harmful effects of mold on human health

Published March 16, 2018
Mold can be found everywhere. In fact, mold spores are commonly found in dust in homes and workplaces. However, they can cause significant health problems in high volume. It is best to be well informed and discover the harmful effects that mold can have on human health. What is mold? Before addressing the health hazards of mold, it is important to define what mold is. Molds are various typ

Rodent infestations are on the rise in Quebec: what can be done for your home?

Published February 22, 2018
Over the years, an increasing number of rodents have invited themselves into Quebec homes. These mammals’ adaptability and reproduction frequency complicate the lives of many homeowners and tenants. But why is rodent infestation on the rise in the province? Discover some answers in this article. A species that adapts to life in Quebec With a very strong survival instinct and unrivaled adapt

Can an extermination strategy be dangerous for pets?

Published January 15, 2018
Have you spotted several pests in your house and want to get rid of them as quickly as possible? When an extermination strategy is put in place, it is important to proceed with caution, since pets can sometimes be poisoned in the process. Here are some recommendations on the right technique to use. Strategies with different risk levels Several techniques can be put in place during an extermin

Why You Need to Call Decontaminators When Dealing With Pigeons

Published July 27, 2017
Pigeons may look harmless but they pose a huge threat to our ecosystem by spreading diseases and reproducing rapidly. Over the last 10 years, the pigeon population has grown exponentially in Montreal, meaning thousands of properties are infested with these tiny creatures. Here are a few tips on how to take on pigeon removal with the help of Élite Décontamination.  General Behaviour &

How Decontaminators Can Help Hoarders

Published July 24, 2017
Hoarding is a serious mental condition that can have a negative impact on your physical, emotional, and financial health. If you see a loved one suffering, the situation can be exacerbated, as you might not fully comprehend the reasons behind their hoarding behaviour. Here are a few tips to understanding hoarding and how Élite Décontamination can help. Understanding The Basics If you

5 Reasons Why Your Home is Attractive to Pests During the Summer

Published June 15, 2017
  Pests will attempt to enter your home for a variety of reasons, which typically include food, warmth, and shelter. They tend to thrive in indoor environments and act as a parasite, feeding off of your homemade food while going completely unnoticed. It can be psychologically stressful and upsetting to discover you have a pest problem, and in many instances, you may be inviting them into y